CFFC Winter Cup 2015

Alan Purnell(b)

By Neil Nice

The CFFC Winter Cup competition was held at Coltsford Mill Fishery, near Oxted on Sunday 25th October.  The weather was looking good on arrival with everyone anticipating a good days fishing.  When we arrived they were stocking the lakes which was not a good sign and found out later in the morning that the stocking was to the cascade & top lake and not to the main larger lake.

Mick Teague and Alan Purnell who had let the others go ahead and hoped they would catch a fish or two noticed, as they walked up to the large lake, a fantastic movement of fish  in a very small area around the outfall & corner where the stream enters.

Not an easy place to cast from!  but Mick decided to have a go with Alan deciding to fish close to the same area by roll casting.  Alan started with two buzzers but quickly realised the fish were taking just below the surface so changed to a hopper + spider.  He had a couple of takes whilst listening to the hoops of delight as Mick was into fish after fish ( he was the far side of the Oak tree and just out of Alan’s line of sight).

Mick later moved aside and allowed Alan into the hotspot.  As Alan did not Coltsford dhave wellingtons he ended up fishing with his left leg on bottom rail and right leg perched on middle rail to get into a position where he could cast without hitting the trees & bushes.  Alan was having lots of follows and plucks before Mick came back and told him to strip, strip, strip just like he had done in Cuba!!

Alan was eventually catching by fast retrieving a Hopper and after losing that fly in a tree he switched to a March Brown which proved very successful and at one point had a very good fish on but unfortunately lost it.  Coltsford c

Upon further investigation he found the hook had opened out…………… !!  Mick then gave Alan another hopper which enabled him to quickly catch his limit.

Mick Teague returned to the spot and quickly caught another fish to also reach his limit.

Colin Rogers had a go in the hotspot but without success and later went down to the cascade to try his luck.

Garry Pool who had become aware of the very productive spot arrived and Coltsford bquickly caught a couple of fish one being the best fish of the day,  a Rainbow weighing in at 5 lbs 6 oz.

Dave Hathaway managed to get all 4 of his fish from the Cascade (I have never managed to catch one there!).


Alan Purnell 4 fish 10lbs 0oz (1st Place)

Mick Teague 4 fish 9lbs 13oz (2th Place)

Dave Hathaway 4 fish 9lbs 4oz(3rdh Place)

Garry Poole 2 fish 8lbs 8oz – best Rainbow 5lbs 6oz (4th Place)

Ray Jennings 3 fish 8lbs 7oz  (5th Place)

Fred Goulding 1 fish 2lbs 2oz (6th Place)

Colin Rogers Zero fish (7th Place)

Sandy Lewis Zero fish (7th Place)

 Congratulations to Alan Purnell for winning the Winter Cup.

Coltsford-MillThe weather was good all day and we were made to feel at home with tea and coffee being provided over all everyone enjoyed a very good days fishing at Coltsford Mill and we shall use this venue for one of our 2016 competitions.