Summer Cup Competition (Result)

Brick FarmThe Summer Cup Competition was held at Brick Farm on Sunday 17th May.  The number of entries was down on previous years partly because of the need to change the date at short notice due to the clash with the Cowpie Show Event.

The day commenced with a very tasty complementary breakfast roll and coffee supplied by Annie which got everyone off to a great start.  The weather was good with lots of sunshine but a very stiff and gusty breeze made casting a little problematic (for some!).

Initially fishing was difficult but eventually fish were being caught on dry Mayfly, and on nymphs of various sizes fished deep.  Lures of various types were tried by most fishermen with limited success. 22 fish were caught.

22 fish were caught and the flies used.

2 on a size 12 & size 16 hares ear  – fished very slow along the bottom (Stag Lake)

1 on a Minnie dirty white booby size 14 with a 6″ leader (Stag Lake)

1 on a Walkers mayfly nymph size 12 x 1 stripped very fast (Stag Lake)

4 on a Gold head orange blob (Well Lake)

2 on Dry May fly (Stag Lake)

2 0n May Fly (Size 14) emerger fished slow on the bottom (Brick Lake)

2 0n a Gold Head Black Nymph (Size 14) fished slow on the bottom (Brick Lake)

Subject to scrutiny by the competitions secretary,  the winner of the competition was Ron Mott with a catch of 9lb 3oz, Alan Purnell was second with 8lb 2oz and Frank Carlin was third with 7lb 4oz.  Ron Mott had the best fish at 3lb 2oz and Alan Purnell had the largest Brown at 2lb 12oz.

The quality of the fish ar Brick Farm was not found wanting and the size of the fish being introduced to the fishery are being increased as and when larger fish become available for stocking.

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